Bible Study + Art Lessons from See the Light

Bible study + art = "God's Runaway" story of Jonah with art lessons from See the Light

  If you're looking for a way to make Bible time more hands-on in your homeschool, See the Light offers several choices to bring Bible stories to life through art. One of those stories is God's Runaway, the story of Jonah. {Be sure to read to the end of the post to … [Read more...]

Art Projects: Cartooning DVD Giveaway

Cartooning Lessons on DVD from See the Light

  Have you decided on your art curriculum yet? Do you need a little extra help with the lessons because art just doesn't come naturally to you? I can relate. Art is definitely one of those subjects that doesn't come naturally to me so I like to have great resources on … [Read more...]

Must Have Summer Art Supplies

If you want to be ready for hands-on homeschooling this summer, check out this list of great must-have art supplies!

While I like to keep the kids active and outdoors as much as I can during the summer, sometimes the heat is just too much. Or it may be a dreary rainy day and we need something to do indoors that does not involve the television, tablet, or computer. Art is often our first go to. … [Read more...]

See the Light Art Projects DVD Box Set Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win the Art Projects DVD box set from See the Light. An entire year's worth of artist study and art lessons.

  Does art come naturally to you and your children? Do you easily work it into your homeschool studies? If you're like me, the answer is no to both questions. We do plenty of arts and crafts projects, but serious art study is another thing. That's why I'm excited to share … [Read more...]