turning a photo into a piece of art….

How many photos do you take on an average week?

What do you do with all of them? Print? Blog? Leave them on an external hard drive??

I know I am horrible about updating photo frames around our house, much less filling photo albums that can easily be flipped through and enjoyed. And the scrapbooks?? Yeah, those became obsolete after child #2. Pitiful, I know.

But I can fill-up external hard drives in a quickness! What good is that??

We should be enjoying our work, and display it for our families and others to enjoy as well.

This month, I encourage you to turn one (or more) of your photos into a piece of art – to be hung where you will actually enjoy it. Daily. I am ecstatic to introduce you to our sponsor this month who will be able to help you in the process::

Pictures on Canvas

At the end of August, Easy Canvas Prints will bless one lucky winner will win an 8X10 or a 10X8 canvas with desired wrap thickness. The process is as easy as 1-2-3. Upload your photo, choose your size and specifics and check out with the handy dandy complimentary code that will be provided to you. How simple is that?? Easy Canvas offers a great service and quality products! You won’t be disappointed!

Want to get in on a chance of the goodness? Check out this original post about the A B See Meme.

Here are 5 fantabulous photos from the week::

A is for Aqua. A is for Aqua. ~ by thedaisyhead

 G is for gorilla. G is for Gorilla. ~ by OKhomeschoolmom

 P is for Peru. P is for Peru. ~ by lollipops & cupcakes

 S is for Seagull. S is for Seagull. ~ by lollipops & cupcakes

 Y is for Yellow. Y is for Yellow. ~ by kympossible

– – – – –
For your chance to win our fabulous prize this month, just grab your camera and join right in! Take a picture representing any letter of the alphabet, post it on the Flickr group. Grab a dictionary and get creative! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next week!

Happy Clickin’,


Jenn (57 Posts)

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t is for {sweet} tea, travel, and texas

P is Popsicles. W is for Watermelon. B is for Beach Balls.

What have you been shootin’ this week??

T is for {sweet} Tea in my world. And Travel. And Texas. That’s where we are headed. For a Total of Two weeks. (We are almost through one.) We drove through Tennessee on our way, only to make a pit stop in Arkansas. Although that doesn’t start with T. I think I am already Tired.

There is no telling how many pics I have shot thus far on this Trip, but I realized today I have over 700 on my phone. I may need an intervention, y’all. Although they aren’t all from this Trip. A lot are from NASA. Which begins with N. (which I promise to tell y’all about Next week)

Are you familiar with the A B See Meme? You can join at any time – hop in and out through the weeks as you need, and it never matters with which letter you start. You can see we have participants at every stage of the alphabet. Just include this button in your post or sidebar (or both) and play along!

Check out the loot for this month’s lucky winner from our fab sponsor Mabel’s Labels. Their Colorful Skinny Mini labels can be put to great use – labeling DSLRs, point&shoots, or a video cam. Extra lenses or lens caps. The possibilities really are endless!

Mabel's Labels www.mabel.ca

Check out the top 5 photos from our Flickr group this week::

B is for BelugaB is for Beluga ~ by rachelofcourse

 E is for Eclipse. E is for Eclipse. ~ by OKhomeschoolmom

H is for Hydrangea. H is for Hydrangea. ~ by lucilollipop

 M is for Macro.M is for Macro. ~ by CrumleyFamily

 E is for Eclipse.Y is for Yosemite. ~ by jlsgrant

– – – – –

Want to join us?? You don’t have to be a photographer. You only have to take a picture representing any letter of the alphabet, post it on the Flickr group. Turn this into a homeschool assignment for your older kids or do it with them! If you have a blog, please use our graphic that links back to the introduction post. All ages are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Jump right in! We are drawing a winner next week!

Happy clickin’!


Jenn (57 Posts)

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Homeschoolers need Books, Conventions, Pictures, and Encouragement

Cruel and unusual punishment... Thou name art Summer.

Do you realize August is approaching? I’m not really sure how that can be. Wasn’t it just Christmas??

Some of you are on a *break* and have been eagerly planning for a fresh start in August or September.

Our kiddos spent 2 weeks in June with grandparents. That was my (our) break. If we are in town, we get our learn-on every day. If we are off on an adventure, well, *school* is still happening – just in another form.

Isn’t the flexibility of homeschooling a blessing? Some of our family’s best times of *homeschooling* haven’t occurred at the kitchen table – instead when we have just lived life together, exploring this great world in which we live.

In the midst of all the summer busyness, whether you are in your homeschool groove or off on an adventure, we have fun happening here at The Post for all of you mommas (and daddies).

Pencil these dates on your calendar for fun you don’t want to miss:

  • Since so many of you us homeschool with a camera in one hand, the A B See Meme is still going strong! Having wrapped up our week of history with Master Books, the meme will resume tomorrow. Need inspiration? Check out the photos on the Flickr group. For details of this meme, check out this post.
  • Did you sign up for The July/August Swap? Swappers were paired and emails have been sent. Check your inbox now. Here is what’s next for you swappers…

    SIGN UP: By July 8th
    PAIRED UP: By July 15th
    MAIL SWAP: By Aug 12th
    POST PHOTOS: By Aug 19th
    EMAIL LINKS TO ME: By Aug 26th

    Missed this round of swapping?? Watch for another sign-up in September!

  • Have you been reading any of these yummy books on Master Books’ reading list? Link up with us on Wednesday, July 27 and show off your kiddos and their projects inspired by these books. Master Books will feature some of our participants on their Facebook page. Did you read 3 of the books? Be sure to fill out this form to be eligible for a prize.
  • Been on any fun fieldtrips to tell us? Check in here on Friday, July 29 and link them  at our Fantastic Foto Fieldtrips.
  • Are any of you headed to the homeschool convention in Houston (The Woodlands, TX) at the end of this month? If so, you will also find Sprittibee and me there. We’ll both have cameras in hand (in face, too, probably). Nothing new, right??  We’ll actually be shooting for the Texas HomeSchool Coalition. If you will be there, let us know – we’d love to meet!  We’ll be shooting with one hand and tweeting from the other – be sure to follow us during this adventure @sprittibee and @dazeofadventure. If you’re at the convention and on twitter, use the hashtag #THSC so we can follow your gab.
  • And finally – the news you have all been waiting for…..the winner of  For You They Signed, by Marilyn Boyer is….(drum roll please)

    Jessica S. @ Mother of Action

    – Congrats! Email us at hsbawards {at} gmail {dot} com. Thanks again to Master Books and Marilyn Boyer for celebrating our history with us and for the generous week of giveaways!

Enjoying every minute of the adventure,

Jenn (57 Posts)

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