Phonic Photos – The A B See Photomeme Continues!

We are delighted to see you continuing your alpha-themed photo fun with the A B See Photomeme. I always enjoy pulling up the Flickr group to see what has been added. Here’s a little slideshow that showcases the group. The first portion are the most recent. We wanted to showcase them here.

I think I’ll do another round after I figure out what to enter for Y and Z… and this time I’ll write on the pictures like one of our participants has done. How fun! Maybe I can turn it in to an A B C Book for the toddler and baby!

Do you want your photos showcased here? Join the fun! Copy the below button on your sidebar and commit to adding a photo every week, or even once a month… take as long or short as you want to go through the alphabet. Go forwards or backwards – or even skip around. We don’t mind.

Homeschool Post's A B See Photomeme

Want to see our best photos from 2011? Last month we posted a pretty collage. We aren’t offering a prize for the meme any longer because of the sparse entries, but we just might surprise you and offer one at the end of the year for our favorite photos. We love pretty collages and you guys are amazing photographers!

Ready, aim… Keep Shooting!

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September ABSee Photo Meme Showcase & Prize

The A B See Meme is an alphabetical photo meme where we challenge you (and your homeschooling crew) to take and upload a photo each week that relates to a letter in the alphabet. A is for apple… B is for boy… C is for cat. You get the drift.

You don’t have to be a blogger to join us. You can join at any time – and it never matters with which letter you do as long as you label your photo so we know what word you were thinking of when you took it.

Below we talk about the two ways you can enter your photo… and make sure to pay attention this week because Lisa is giving us a tutorial on how to use Pix-O-Sphere in lieu of Flickr.

You can enter once a week – meaning 4 or 5 times per month. Each photo is an entry for our monthly prize we give away.

We have participants at every stage of the alphabet. Just include this button in your post or sidebar (or both) and play along:

Homeschool Post's A B See Photomeme


The prize this month is lucky winner from our fab sponsor Mabel’s Labels.

Their Colourful Teeny Tags can be put to great use – tagging DSLRs, point and shoots, or a video camera gear. You can tag your backpack, your purse, your lunch box, or your luggage!

The possibilities really are endless!
Mabel's Labels

**Thank you Mabel’s Labels**

(follow them on Twitter @Mablehood)

Here’s a showcase of some great September entries (remember we are now entering EVERY picture – not just the ones shown here – for the prize each month!):

C is for Colorful Crayons



R is for Run race-horse, Run!



J is for Jax

{Daze of Adventure}


spill by lady_jess, on Pix-O-Sphere

S is for Spill

{Lady Jess}


cherries by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

C is for Cherries



G is for Glass



M is for Magestic



O is for Omelet

{Homeschooling with Joy}


My Favorite Smartphone Pic Entry

K is for Kitty


drum roll please….


P is for Pink

{Lollipops & Cupcakes}

Contact us to claim your prize thehomeschoolpost at gmail dot com


The ABSee Photo Meme became a MONTHLY Showcase, you can read up on that change here.

In an effort to make this A B See Photo Meme more inclusive, we have added another method of participating! We’ll also be using Pix-O-Sphere for upcoming monthly ABSee Photo Memes – in addition to just Flickr. {I’m partial, of course – and think it saves a lot of time since there are less steps involved in using photos in blog posts when you use Pixosphere.}

Pix-O-Sphere will be offering one free Advanced Membership to each month’s winner in addition to the prize that the Homeschool Post gives away!

Here’s how to join the A B SEE FUN if you participate on Pixosphere:

Join free

Add HSBA as a friend

Upload your monthly entry and TAG the photo with “ABSee” (as well as any other tags you would like to add) [separate tags with a comma]

In the DESCRIPTION, add the letter ex: “B is for Beach” and that you’re entering it into the  ABSee photo meme.

abseephotomeme by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

Set the photo for SHARED (public) Pix (after the monthly showcase appears on HSBA, you can move the photo to your private album if you desire)

public by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

When our readers see your photos showcased on HSBA they can click the photo and be directed to your photo credit at Pix-O-Sphere and be able to connect with you there. The network at Pix-O-Sphere is a great way to get your photos seen on a variety of family friendly blogs, as they choose to use the photos you decide to share. Your photo credit stays WITH your photo, as it is added to the code we use to display it here.

– – – – –

You don’t have to be a photographer to join us. You only have to take a picture representing any letter of the alphabet, post it on the Flickr group or your Pix-O-Sphere account as stated above. Turn this into a homeschool assignment for your older kids or do it with them! If you have a blog, please use our graphic that links back to this post! All ages are welcome and encouraged to participate!

We look forward to seeing the entries for October’s Showcase! You can enter once a week each month – up to 5 pictures total.

Lisa's Signature

Disclaimer: I am an owner at Pix-O-Sphere- the Family Friendly Photo Community where you can host, share, and buy/sell your photos. All photos are G an PG as well as moderated by their staff to make sure the community remains safe for the whole family.

Lisa (61 Posts)

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A B See Photo Meme

Are you joining us? In the A B See Photo Meme?? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Take a phonic photo.
2. Upload it to the Flickr group.
3. We give a prize to one of our showcased photographers at the end of the month.

And this month’s prize is a keeper….

Pictures on Canvas

The winner at the end of August, Easy Canvas Prints will receive an 8X10 or a 10X8 canvas with desired wrap thickness. How snazzy is that?? Easy Canvas offers a great service and quality products! You won’t be disappointed!

Here are 5 photos from the week::

 H is for Hippo.> H is for Hippo. ~ by OKhomeschoolmom

 J is for Jpeg. J is for Jpeg. ~ by Captured by Amy

O is for Oak. ~ by kbalman

 S is for Silly Shirt Sizes. S is for Silly Shirt Sizes. ~ by MathFour

 Q is for Quaker. Q is for Quaker. ~ by dazeofadventure

– – – – –
Jump right in! The more the merrier!
Need more info?? Check out this post or leave a comment – we’d love you to join!

Show us what inspires you this week…..

Happy Clickin’,


Jenn (57 Posts)

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