The Homeschool Post Headlines: Top 12 Posts of 2015

Be encouraged by these top posts from The Homeschool Post in 2015!

  As we plan for things to come here at The Homeschool Post, we also enjoy looking back at the most read posts of the previous year. It's nice to see what has resonated with our readers and the online homeschool community here. As we wish you a happy new year in 2016, we … [Read more...]

A Week in the Life of A Homeschooling Family

A Week in the Life of a Homeschooler @hsbapost

I have no idea if we are a typical or untypical homeschooling family as I've never actually sat in with another family for their homeschool day. There are a lot of posts on the net sharing how days go for homeschoolers. I have written a few myself {here, here, and here; there are … [Read more...]

Meet Rebecca

The Homeschool Post contributor @hsbapost

Hello from Canada! I am living in beautiful BC with my hunky husband and 5 beautiful children. My kids are all very young, 1 year-7 years so your immediate "you must be busy" reaction is pretty much an understatement. I am insanely busy. I don't have the kids involved in … [Read more...]