April is National Poetry Month

Poetry – love it or hate it?  Whether or not it’s your cup of tea, April is National Poetry Month and can provide a good opportunity to introduce your kids to different kinds of poetry, if you haven’t already.  I remember finding poetry quite dry and boring during my public … [Read more...]

DIY Weather Unit Study

DIY Weather Unit Study resources & ideas

Did March come in like a lion and go out like a lamb or vice versa in your neck of the woods?  Is April starting off with those familiar showers that bring May flowers?  Obviously, spring is a notorious time for unpredictable weather.  Why not make the best of it and take the … [Read more...]

Meet Sara

Meet Sara @destinyblogger @hsbapost

I could tell you that I’m a Jesus-loving, homeschooling, writing, reading, clutter-collecting, photographer wannabe, wife for almost 18 years, mama of three darling girls, and you would know a little about me.  Probably enough to form an opinion or pigeonhole me into a category, … [Read more...]

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