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What is the Homeschool Post?

The Homeschool Post started out in 2006 as a site to host the Homeschool Blog Awards… but we realized that the community of homeschool moms online needed a place to be encouraged, informed, and inspired all year, and not just during the awards season. So we recruited some of our favorite bloggers with mad writing and graphic talent to bring you constant content to help your homeschool journey along – every day of the week!

We currently have 20 authors and many guest authors. You can find out more about each of them by clicking their photos on our Team page. We are always looking for talented homeschool bloggers to join our team as authors move on for bigger projects or for quieter, simpler days without blogging assignments. We have had some spectacular authors over the past seven years and have a fabulous set right now. We hope you’ll follow them on their personal blogs as well as here at the post since they give up their time and talents to work here for free.

What’s Up?

We accept guest posts from other homeschool blog authors and post them after they are approved on an as needed basis. If you have a post to share with us that you feel would benefit the homeschool community, by all means, we welcome you to send it in!

The 2013 blog award season is gearing up (our 8th annual). We are currently accepting donations, advertisements, and prizes for the 2013 Homeschool Blog Awards season which will run October through November. If you are interested in partnering with us, please drop us a note and we will send you a PR pdf/email with detailed information.

If you have any questions that our Legal Page and About Page don’t answer, please feel free to ask them here. We’d love to hear your comments, suggestions, concerns and ideas and get to know our readers better. Thanks for your time!

You can email us at thehomeschoolpost {at} gmail {dot} com – or just click our contact tab at the top of the page!

The Long Story About the Homeschool Blog Awards

Back in 2005, SpunkyHomeschool thought up the idea of giving homeschool bloggers the opportunity to win blog awards because we were not likely to get noticed by mainstream blog-award-givers. Spunky’s first year of the Homeschool Blog Awards were a complete success even though there were very few prizes offered. Not only did quite a few homeschool bloggers get a much deserved pat on the back for their “labor of love”, but all of us were able to join together as a group – no matter what type of homeschooler we were – and learn about all the talent among our ranks. Some of us met new bloggers, made new friends, and found new blogs to read that continue to inspire us to be better homeschoolers.

When Spunky decided to step down from the blogosphere in December of 2006, the Homeschool Blog Awards got skipped. Sprittibee decided to take up the cause…. only she wanted to do more than just awards. She wanted to host a site that would be a hub for all homeschoolers to come and connect. In 2007 after realizing that the vision for the site was too big for just one person to manage, she began to recruit authors to help bring daily homeschool goodness to the site. Now the HSBA isn’t just an award, it is a whole community and a great place to bookmark.

We want to showcase great homeschool mom authors on the web. We accept guest articles and we try to use at least two guest posts each month, so if you have a post you would like to contribute, please email us. We hope to keep you up to date on what is going on around the homeschool blogosphere and be an inspiration and encouragement to your homeschooling journey.

During award season we make sure everyone is up to date on our legal policy.

The goal here at the Homeschool Blog Awards during awards season is not to run a popularity contest. We are all about the heart of the homeschooling blog movement and want to lift each other up to work towards our ultimate goals: being GOOD homeschoolers. Blogging is a passion, yes . . . but homeschooling comes first. We want to bless you and inspire you as you seek to educate and raise your kids.

Be sure to keep us on your blogrolls and stop in regularly… long after the awards have been won we’ll still be here to bring you great content (including: homeschool news, links, contests, memes, reviews, interviews, devotionals, photos, stories, SWAPs, blogging help, tips, and more). From our heart to yours: ‘Happy homeschooling!’

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