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Fantastic Foto Field Trips : February Link Up 2014

Homeschool Post : Fantastic Foto Field Trip Linkup Button

Where did you go in February? Has the cold weather let up long enough for you to venture out and have some fun with the kids?

Not so very long ago... #growing #hschallenge

I’ve been feeling particularly nostalgic after a slew of birthdays in which three of my four children got a year older… one even having the gall to turn 17 on me! Yeah, the cute little dude up there in this photo… now towering over me and about to start driving. I’m here to attest that those warnings about your kids growing up in the blink of an eye are true… so whatever you do – ENJOY them. Make memories. Take field trips. They might not remember the phonics workbooks, even some of the books you made them read… but field trips are seldom forgotten.

Where have you been lately?

Your field trip ideas inspire us. Join us here each month (the last Friday of each month) to link up your field trips. Our readers showcase their field trip links, linking recent trips or not-so-recent trips here on our linky tool below. It doesn’t matter how old your link is, but please only post the link to a particular field trip once. Wherever you are going – inquiring homeschool minds want to hear about it (and see pretty pictures!)…

>Rules for linking up:

1. Your Fantastic Foto Fieldtrips post must be about a field trip and must contain photos.

2. There is no date limit on when you posted the article on your blog (ancient stuff from 2005 is acceptable).

3. You can include as many links as you want each month — the more the merrier (wow us!).

4. Do not link back to your main blog page — just the url from the actual field trip post and a title of where it was would be great: example — Sprittibee/Rally for Political Candidate

5. Be sure to use the graphic for the meme either in your post or sidebar (or both)

Feel free to browse back through our older Fantastic Foto Fieldtrip posts to find great links and fun picture posts.

Just click on the field trips category on our sidebar and scroll away! We can’t wait to join you on your your adventures.

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  1. Wow, great post!!
    Thanks for sharing and for opening up the HSPost for us to share our trips!

    Have a weonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks Chris. :)

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