When You Just Have to Walk Away

Sometimes you have to walk away, to remember what matters

I know this isn’t my personal blog, it’s a group blog with a mission to encourage homeschoolers; but I’m about to get a little personal with you. Two weeks ago, I walked away. You, my wonderful friends, deserve to know why.

Last January, I came in as co-owner and assumed most of the administrative duties. I worked really hard for 10 months.

Somewhere, I was juggling my own personal blog, my family, my messy house, my health, and our schoolwork.

When the awards came, I was ready! I tackled it head on and stayed up late to make sure things went smoothly.

Only they didn’t y’all. 

The awards went fine, but by mid-November the rest of my life was letting me know that I was letting them down.

That’s when I started hearing that still-small-voice tell me I had to change something.

By Thanksgiving, I had deadlines piling up and five of my favorite faces staring at me heartbroken. I wasn’t doing anything very well, at all.

Dinners were mediocre, the house was a mess, schoolwork was mostly busy work and I didn’t even have a pile of well written posts to show for all my time wasted staring at my laptop.

My husband actually said, “You’ve been working hard doing ‘something’ since 2007, but I don’t see where you’re doing anything.”

He wasn’t trying to hurt my feelings, but let me tell you – that hurt.

I had lost my focus. I was losing my motivation.

I thought my only choice, my only way to make things better, was to walk away. I felt I was being called to leave it all behind: blog, The HS Post, all social media.

So for two days, I walked away. I left the laptop closed. I let the battery in my phone die and only used my tablet to listen to Spotify or watch goofy YouTube videos with my kids.

I found the floor in my kid’s bedroom, and then we played on it.

My 12 year old curled up with me on the couch and hugged me one night before bed.

It’s been a long time since she hugged me for no reason. It was amazing.

So I started praying: Show me what to do Lord. Every day I asked God to show me where I was supposed to be.

My husband kept trying to give me time to work, and I kept using the time to focus on them.

The more I prayed the more I felt I wasn’t supposed to leave my online world forever, in fact, I feel pretty confident that I’m actually on the right track. I just had all my priorities really out of whack and I had to walk away for a bit to get them back in order.

So for our readers, I’m sorry the site has been silent for so long.

For the winners from the awards, I’m sorry it took so long to award your prizes.

For our wonderful sponsors, I’m sorry it took me so long to send you everyone’s information.

My family, and my heart, appreciate your patience.

I’ve been praying about the New Year and The Homeschool Post. I’m excited about our team, our potential new team members, and some fun things in the big ole idea book!

Our Top Ten Lists come back this week! You can keep up with all the top ten lists and our WINNERS on our new page!

Did you participate in our Blog and Tell Link Ups last year? We now have a page with all of last years link ups AND heads up on the themes and dates for the 2014 Blog and Tell LinkUps! <–you can grab that graphic and get your posts ready!


So, did the end of the year take you for a loop too? Many of my friends found themselves frustrated and tired. Several of them walked away from social media, considered giving up blogging, or pondered other big life decisions. Were you one of them? I pray you found a moment to refresh yourself, to refocus and find your new mission statement.

Lisa Baldwin (59 Posts)

Disciple of Christ, Wife, Mother of Four, Homeschooler, Crafter, Designer (Graphics and CSS/HTML), Blogger. I share too much, laugh at the wrong things, and fall on my backside regularly. Thank goodness Jesus ignores all of that and loves me anyway.

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  1. You are not alone! Glad you had a chance to refocus and refresh. Looking forward to the coming year here on the Post.

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