Baby It’s Cold Outside!! 5 Activities to Burn off Energy Inside

I have a high energy boy!  When it gets to0 cold to send Sammy outside to play, I have to get creative with how we burn off some of his energy!

When he has too much energy, he can’t sit still for lessons and subsequently, not much learning takes place!!

Energy Burning Activities

5 Creative Energy Burning School Activities

  1. While jumping on a trampoline practice math facts, spelling words, scripture memorization, or answer questions on a subject
  2. Shoot baskets for the answers to math questions (either with an over the door hoop or a bucket)
  3. Balance on something while listening to something read aloud (history, science, story, etc.) or practicing math factsbalancing
  4. Dance to some classical music, and then write about the music.
  5. Run laps around something in the house between focused time.  I have Sammy run around the dining room table after he finishes reading a section for his reading program.

Do you have any good, energy burning, activities that you like to do during the winter months?  I am always looking for new ideas to help Sammy stay focused while doing his work!

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  1. I like idea #3! I plan on trying that with me 6 year old tomorrow!
    I also have my kids run “Football Drills” between subjects. (They hold a soft football and run around the house).
    When we do flashcards, I have them jump towards me with every correct answer and away from me with every wrong answer. I start them out across the room. They like to see how quickly they can get to me.

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