Waffle Words Spelling Game {Free Printable}

I was inspired the other day by Lana’s post on spelling lessons. One of her “rules” was to play a spelling game.

“What’s a spelling game?!” I thought.

Waffle Words Spelling Game free printable @hsbapost #homeschool

I’m the math mom, remember. Spelling doesn’t involve logic or rules – rules that can be consistently followed anyhow. So how on earth can there be games with spelling?

Okay, yes – I’ve played hangman a bazillion times. But I never thought of it as a spelling game.

Google saved me.

I found lots of online spelling games. But I wanted ones you could play with pencil and paper.

In my mind, that’s what Lana meant.

So I kept digging.

Cool “unplugged” spelling games DO exist!

I found a really neat one called Waffle Words. One person hides as many words in a grid (the waffle) as they can. The other person finds them. (tweet this)

Words can be hidden straight across or down but also “crooked.” Each letter of a word you put in the grid is allowed to be written 90 degrees from the previous letter. (See – I got some math in here!)

Like the word “park” in this grid:

Words can go around corners in the Waffle Words Spelling Game!Wanna play?

I made this game grid so it would be easy for families to play. It also has a place to write the word list – so your kids get even more practice!

Click to download the Waffle Words Worksheet

Have fun and let us know how it goes in the comments!

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  1. This is brilliant! I tutor once a week as part of a volunteer program in a local elementary school. We play hangman every week. Every single week. Love having a new idea to try! thank you for sharing :)


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