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We like to give pats on the back to bloggers that bless the homeschool community… and it is much nicer to pat TEN bloggers on the back instead of just ONE. The winner is listed at the top on this list, but the 9 runners up to Best New Homeschool Blogs of 2012 deserve some recognition!

If you were on this list, feel free to snag our super snazzy category specific button as a token of our gratitude. Thanks for making the homeschool blogosphere a more sparkly and interesting place!


Top Ten Best New Homeschool Blogs of 2012

The Unlikely Homeschool **WINNER**

Cornerstone Confessions

Jewish Homeschool In NYC

My Joy-Filled Life

Layered Soul

Cook Family Chronicles

Look At What You Are Seeing

Upside Down Homeschooling

Adventures in Homeschooling

Home-Schooling Green Style


Click over and show them some homeschool comment love! OH, and check back next week for another top 10 list from the 2012 awards! Can’t wait to share it with you…


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  1. Wow, pretty cool. Can’t wait to put my new cool button on my website. Thanks for all the votes!

  2. Aw…the pic doesn’t work anymore. ;(

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