Fall Glitter Leaves and Thankfulness Garland Project

This fall, I wanted to make my house homey and get my family into the spirit of true thanksgiving.  So I’ve been thinking of ways to incorporate crafts into our homeschool that are fun and get my family thinking about our seasonal transition into autumn, all while bringing the overall theme of Thanksgiving into the mix.  It’s a lot to tackle, but this one simple project seemed to do the trick.

Here are our step-by-step instructions for making fall glitter leaves.  We turned this into a thankfulness garland which we hang in our dining room.

  1. Pick up a pack of leaves from a crafts store or gather your own from your backyard.  It doesn’t matter how you collect them – you just need leaves for this project, and plenty of them!  You’ll also need glue and glitter.
  2. Create glue designs on your leaves and sprinkle the glitter on. Have fun with this part!  It’s mess, and I’m sure it will be more fun for your kid than for you, but sprinkle away!  (Tip: use a cookie sheet or pan to catch all the excess glitter- see video below).
  3. Let your leaves dry overnight and gently shake off the excess glitter.  You’ll have beautiful leaves to feast your eyes upon and your child will probably want to showcase them right off, but there are a few more steps before you’re done.
  4. Write (or have your child write) things they are grateful for on small pieces of paper.  This ties in to the thankfulness aspect of the project.  Have your child brainstorm as many things he or she would like to use for this project.
  5. Tape the gratitude strips to the back of each leaf.
  6. Have your child help you cut a piece of string for your garland.  Now punch a hole through each leaf, tie knots on one side of the string, and help your child to string the leaves through.
  7. Once you get all the leaves strung, you’ll need to separate them out a bit, tie a knot on the other end, and you’re ready to start decorating. Find a great spot in your house to showcase your child’s thankfulness garland.  Our dining room table is a great place for family discussions over dinner, so we thought it was fitting to hang ours from the chandelier above the table.

Do you want to see our final results?  Take a look at my step by step video tutorials to see exactly how we created the garland and how it all turned out.


Video 1: Fall Glitter Leaves Activity

Video 2: Fall Glitter Leaves- “Thankfulness”


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