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23 Apps for Homeschoolers {and a Glo Bible Give-Away}

When I was a kid we had no computers. We played outside a lot and read and colored and rode bikes. We learned by doing with very little technological input.


This has changed. My children know how to use a computer, a BluRay player, a Wii console, a flat-screen TV, the iPad, an iPhone, a Nook and a Kindle Fire. These things are exciting and stimulating and provide good entertainment for long trips or on sick days. Unfortunately, the temptation to use these items is great and it is frustrating to see children become sedentary instead of creative and active. We have to find a balance – encouraging old-fashioned play, and embracing technology so our children can gain the skills that their world demands.

How do we incorporate technological advances while still ensuring our children are not becoming couch potatoes who are incapable of using God’s gift of the mind? Send them outside to soak in nature and shake those wiggles out. A Wii isn’t going to cut it – sorry! Read to them and make sure they are reading on their own. Try to monitor “screen time” so you can prevent it from becoming a time-suck. When they do want to use technology, make sure they have many educational games and apps to pick from.

Here below are a few great iPhone/iPad apps that the Homeschool Post team have shared as educational, fun, and helpful for use by homeschool families. [If you read through the list and leave a comment, we will enter you to win a copy of the Glo Bible app (worth $89.99) – which works on Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone!]



starnplanet nightsky Star and Planet Finder and Night Sky

Star & Planet Finder and Night Sky are guides that help you to identify stars, planets, constellations and satellites in the sky. It is like having a tiny planetarium at your disposal. Simply point your phone towards the object in question and find out just what you are gazing at! Star & Planet Finder is free, but Night Sky by iCandi Apps is 99 cents.

nasa app NASA

The NASA app tells you where and when to watch in the sky, and includes a compass to guide you. You’ll also be able to search descriptions of their missions past and present, look at photos, watch videos, and tune in to NASA TV.

holybibleapp Holy Bible

You can use this app in the car and have it read the Bible to you while you are out and about. There are cords you can buy that let you transmit your iPhone device audio over the radio in your vehicle. This is way handy and works with music and all sorts of apps!

brainpop Brain Pop

BrainPOP® has a different animated movie every day on various educational subjects and topics (science, math, history, language, technology, arts, music, etc). Kids can watch (and laugh – they are really cute) and then take an interactive quiz to test their comprehension. The free version only allows one video per day, but you can go back and view previous day’s movies if you miss them. The app works for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

sat qotd The Official SAT Question of the Day

Every day there’s a new SAT question for you to answer with this fun test prep app. Give your 13 year old a big head by letting them revel in the fact that they have mastered college level material in 7th grade. Every snobby homeschool kid’s dream, right? Grade levels are irrelevant.

tozzle app Tozzle

Worth every penny of that $1.99 if you ask me (or my toddler). Jam packed with all sorts of puzzles to stretch a little brain – from easy to very difficult. This app is fun and very entertaining for those moments when the big kids are busy with school and you need to keep little hands busy. A life-saver in the doctor’s office waiting room or church pew, too!

weesingandlearnabcapp Wee Sing & Learn ABC

This is a fun and musical app for little ones. It has animal sounds, instrument sounds, musical variations, and phonic sounds to encourage reading.

doodlebuddy Doodle Buddy

From the app store: “Doodle Buddy Gold is the most fun you can have with your finger! Finger paint with your favorite colors and drop in playful stamps. Connect with a friend to draw together over the Internet.” My kids like to draw with their dad when he’s away because you can share a drawing with someone via wifi! My toddler’s favorite part of this app is the stamps (emoticons that make sounds as you place them on the “page”). It is fun to shake the phone and erase your drawings, too.

snakes hd My First Puzzles: Snakes

Younger children (recommended for ages 2 to 6) can learn motor skills, number sequence, shapes and more with this beautiful app. The graphics and sound effects are wonderful. There are three levels of difficulty and the app is free for the first 3 puzzles and $1.99 for a pack of 51.

phone 4 kids Phone4Kids

Phone for Kids on the surface seems like a great way to “trick” the baby or toddler in to thinking he’s “using your phone” because the interface of the game makes your iPhone seem like it is functioning as normal… however, it actually adds educational games in the place of real functions. It has a fake “texting” message center that makes cute noises and mimics the real text function. It has a phone keypad that dials and rings for busy fingers. It has cute “app icons” that each offer games within games to keep your little one learning and busy. Some 24 games teach the basics on colors, numbers, letters, shapes, direction, days of the week, animals, and more. It has a fun drawing pad that trails sparkles and glitter every time you trace your finger on the screen, too. My 3 year old and 1 year old both love this app.

abcs and animals abcanimals ABC’s & Animals and ABC Animals

ABCs and Animals is an interactive set of of flash cards designed for infants and toddlers. Cute pictures and noises. With each touch of the screen, more exciting things happen. On the other hand, ABC Animals (sounds so similar, right?) is a different kind of flash cards aimed at the advancing preschooler who is ready to try and trace his/her letters! Bonus – the animals are insanely cute. Just look at those buggy eyes! Shake to erase, tap to repeat, and begin again with endless phonic fun!

netflix Netflix

Do you watch educational movies as part of your homeschool curriculum? I know we do! It is great to have Netflix on the go in your iPad or iPhone so you can watch shows ANYWHERE. Netflix for iPhone/iPad is free, but you need an account (monthly fee that ranges depending on what plan you pick) to use it.

wonders of old medieval Wonders of Old

A beautiful timeline reference app which will give you a unique perspective on the events of world history, including: kingdoms, empires, rulers, battles, explorations, literature, architecture and more! Wonders of Old is a 4-part app series, dividing the events of world history into four historical time periods: ancient, medieval, new world and modern. Wonders of Old: Medieval Timeline is the second app in this series. Created by Knowledge Quest for homeschoolers. Costs $4.99, but well worth it!

stack the states Stack the States

Learning about the states has never been more fun! I sure wish they had come out with this game a few years back when we were deep in our state-unit. There are 4 games in this app that enrich your geography learning.

stack the countries app Stack the Countries

All the countries of the world are at your fingertips with this 3-game app. Teach international geography effortlessly as your students play pile up, stack, and map-it to learn continents, languages, flags, major cities, capitals, landmarks, and more. The game has more than 1000 questions and 193 flash cards. It works on iPad or iPhone and you can have up to 6 different player profiles.
dictionary Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad

If you are a word-lover, this sure beats wasting time searching the shelves of your book cases for the dictionary and flipping through it. Keep your iPad handy when typing a blog post, writing a report, or reading great literature – just in case you want to look up a definition or trade out a word for something with more pizzazz. You don’t even have to be online to search for words! The “word of the day” feature is fun, too!

medieval life app Medieval Life

Created for home-educators by iHomeEducator and Knowledge Quest, Inc., this app aims to teach your history student about every day life during the medieval time period. Learn about Vikings, castles, cathedrals, kings, knights and ladies – where they lived, what they wore and ate. Craft ideas and recipes are included! Recommended for the iPad because of detailed and large graphics. App cost $5.99.

irewards chart iReward Chart

Awesome chores and behavior app that is fully customizable, has the ability to track many kids (and parents if you want to reward yourself as well), and allows you to create your own point system. I love the sounds the stars make as you check your “list” off. Makes getting things done fun for the kids.

maptrek app Map Trek Ancient World

Description from the App Store: “Ancient World mobile application is a historical atlas and geography encyclopedia in one. Map Trek allows you to teach geography alongside history. This is a resource that any parent or student can use with brilliant success, even if you don’t remember a thing from your history or geography classes in school.” This program is created by Knowledge Quest and costs $9.99.

human anatomy app Human Anatomy

From the App Store: “An ideal application for students, children and others who would like to learn the names of various body parts, organs and other terminologies related to the human body. There is also an option to take tests on how far you are progressing with each lesson.”

glo bible app Glo Bible

It may not seem fair to give Glo Bible the longest review, but I have to tell you, there’s just nothing out there in the app world that can even rival it. This is the KING of apps – and what better subject matter than God’s Word?! You just have to see this app in action to believe it. It is a completely linked and all-encompassing Bible study tool. Maps, virtual tours, photos, art, history, videos, study notes, articles, and the best looking interface I have seen in an app yet.


Don’t take my word for it. Go check out their website or watch the video below. It is breathtaking.

…don’t say you weren’t warned: you’ll be forever changed by it…

We love Glo Bible and use it on our iPad daily. For those who don’t have an iPad, you can also use it on your iPhone, PC, or Mac! I loved it so much that I asked them if I could advertise on the Post (hence the leaderboard ad up top). I’m keeping it up for the month of May – especially while they  have their MOTHER’S DAY SALE on – and you can get Premium for only $39.99! That’s 55% off, y’all.

Now for the Give Away!

We’re giving away a premium version of Glo Bible (worth $89.99) – which you can use on up to 5 different devices.

Here’s how you win it:

Leave a comment here on this post and tell us what your top three educational (or just favorite useful) apps are. You can get additional entries by following along and doing what the Rafflecopter giveaway tool asks, as well. Be sure to subscribe to our feed and “like us” on facebook so you won’t miss the news about who won the give-away, which we will announce next Friday. Entries are accepted through midnight next Thursday night.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!



Disclaimer: I have paid for most of these apps myself, some are apps that were added by other authors here at the Homeschool Post (and they paid for them themselves, too). A few have been given to us to try out for free – including the Knowledge Quest history apps and the Glo Bible. They didn’t pay us or sponsor this post, however, and the opinions in it are our own. The only link in this post which is an affiliate link is the one under the Holy Bible app which links to an Amazon product. Oh, and I stayed up WAY too late on a Friday night putting this together.

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  1. Fav apps include Instagram,
    Kindle for my iPad
    And 123Color HD for the 3 year old!

  2. My top three (Hard to choose just 3) are Star Walk, Futaba (fun reading game), Stack the States/Countries (Wonderful geography lesson/game).

  3. Felt board APP is my all time favorite. Amazing coin for my youngest who is learning about money and World Flags for geography loving boy.

  4. Shelly Willis says:

    We’re not really big on apps, since we don’t have the type of gadgets necessary to use them (other than a PC), but I look forward to checking into the ones you listed. Netflix has to be our favorite though. So many amazing possibilities there! Thanks!

  5. preschool monkey
    a math tutor one
    matching game and words with friends lol

  6. I’d have to say my favorite apps for me are:
    Instagram, Bible, and Pink Pad
    For my kids:
    Scouts 123s, 123 Color HD, Starfall Gingerbread

  7. I just got my Ipad so don’t have any favorites –
    Holy Bible

  8. Leslie says:

    Tot 2B Safe is a great app. My daughter also loves the Teach Me apps–there are currently ones for preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade. She also likes i learn with Poko: Fun Counting Addition and Math! HD.

    We have a lot of the apps listed here. Many of them would go in our top 25-30 apps, too.

  9. For my toddler:
    Matching Zoo
    Dora Enchanted Forest

    For me:
    Bible (YouVersion)

  10. I am just starting homeschool, and have just recently purchaced an iPad, so this is all new to me, but there are some great apps here!! THANKS!!!!! :). I as well love Netflix, and so do my kids!

  11. Funny, I just did a post on the apps our kids used while waiting with us in a government office. We use apps on our Nook Tablet, so not quite the selection you have. We use Whack a Math Fact, Monkey Write Learn Chinese (their favorite right now) and one that teaches Time-Telling Skills.

  12. I have so many favorite apps. I would *love* to try the glo bible! (hint hint?)

    My faves so far:

    1. Scholastic Kids Presidents App (all the scholastic apps are great and often free on certain days)
    2. YouVersion Bible App
    3. Kindle – who can beat FREE books????

  13. Leatha says:

    We enjoy Blue Letter Bible, Netflix and the Bible.

  14. Kathi Werner says:

    My fav apps: MeeGenius, Phone4Kids, Teachme: preschool, TED, and Pageone.

  15. hang man, animal shaker, nigh sky 😛

  16. Megan H says:

    I love the Bible app… use it to keep on track of a daily reading plan… currently doing the chronological entire-Bible in a year plan. We also use the Netflix app. My kids love Preschool Monkey Lunchbox and SuperWhy.

  17. Michelle Knott says:

    THank you for this! We love Seterra — a basic, but helpful geography site.

  18. David Tate says:

    Star Walk

  19. Angelle Tibbets says:

    Math blaster
    Star Finder

  20. stack the states
    math magic
    brain pop..
    a few favorites!

  21. Night Sky
    Bible App
    Math Blaster

  22. Danielle Hull says:

    For me it’s hanging with friends and the Bible. I can read in the morning without turning on a light which, I’m sure you know, is an invitation for children to get up!

    For the kids, it’s Junior Bible Quiz, Words with Friends, Ninjago scavenger hunt (is that educational?!), Maps, matching for the littles.

  23. Ashley Tykac says:

    I love…
    Sticky Notes–I write questions on some and the answers on the others and make them match them up. My youngest matches the colors too.

    aXylonphone–a great little instrument that really works great. My daughter will definitely learn to play this.

    Doodly Buddy–i like to write a letter and then have my little trace over it with a different color.

  24. Top 3 Educational Apps:
    PBSKids.org app
    Math Puppy
    Pizza Frations

  25. My kids love Angry Birds and Starfall. I happen to love Draw Something!

  26. Dave Bakker says:

    Great article. My top three apps are

    Bible ( You version)

    Documents to Go ( in connnection with Dropbox or google docs) can edit spreadsheets, word docs and presentations

    ibooks, so many great free books on Project gutenburg. Homeschool greats include all the G.A. Henty books. A total must for historical reading

    However I have so many more that I consider a must

    Dropbox so Kids can have there projects on multiple devices and machine ( http://db.tt/RPOw2Mj )

    Zite a new program that we can select any topic to follow, and as you like articles the program gets smarter. Great tool for reading

    MY Brushes for art


    Digits ( a calculator)

    I’ll stop at that

  27. September West says:

    Our family’s favorite educational apps are: 1) Kindle-so many wonderful free books that can be read anywhere 2) Book Lover–keeps track of books read, books you’re currently reading, and books on your wish list 3) Bible.is–free Bible for reading in many different versions plus wonderful dramatized audio

  28. For me, Splash Math for 2nd grade is my fav. The app is aligned to common core standard. It also mails me the report of my kid.


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