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March 2012 Edition of the Fantastic Foto Fieldtrips!

Now that the weather is warming up, and winter is thawing away, SPRING is in the air!!! Everyone in my house is itching to get outdoors… and itching from allergies and bug bites, too. We’ve enjoyed doing things with our local co-ops, regional co-ops, and just going to the park to have a picnic. What about you? Where have you been? What have you been doing?

Planetarium Fieldtrip last Friday #homeschool #motherletters

This was our latest adventure — a trip to see a National Geographic film on the planetarium dome screen in Killeen, Texas. Fun!

We love seeing your links and hearing about fun field trip ideas. Join us here each month (the last Friday of each month) to link up your field trips. Our readers showcase their field trip links, linking recent trips or not-so-recent trips here on our linky tool below. It doesn’t matter how old your link is, but please only post the link to a particular field trip once.

Wherever you are going – inquiring homeschool minds want to hear about it (and see pretty pictures!)…

Rules for linking up:
1. Your Fantastic Foto Fieldtrips post must be about a field trip and must contain photos.
2. There is no date limit on when you posted the article on your blog (ancient stuff from 2006 is acceptable).
3. You can include as many links as you want each month — the more the merrier (wow us!).
4. Do not link back to your main blog page — just the url from the actual field trip post and a title of where it was would be great: example — Sprittibee/Nature Center
5. Be sure to use the graphic for the meme either in your post or sidebar (or both)

Feel free to browse back through our older Fantastic Foto Fieldtrip posts to find great links and fun picture posts. Just click on the field trips category on our sidebar and scroll away!

We can’t wait to join you on your your adventures.



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  1. What a terrific photo of your sweet family! We will have to go next time, looks like it was fun :)

  2. Bummed about the A B See. Thanks for the ideas of other ways to keep it up!

    Neat photo, hope our local planetarium picks up the Wild Weather of the Solar System! We’ve had some crazy solar activity lately – I’d love to learn more about it!

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