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Best of the A B See Photomeme – 2011 Edition

Before we say goodbye to the year, and possibly goodbye to a great meme, I wanted to do a little re-cap and share the best of 2011 with you. These photos (and the links below them) were submitted by our awesome readers this year…


1. hdr crayons, 2. my paper heart, 3. F is for Fish, 4. T is for Trees, 5. T is for Trees, 6. C is for Clouds, 7. Yellow Line Fever, 8. G is for Guys, 9. E is for Easter Eggs, 10. C is for Color!, 11. M is for Moon, 12. B is for bubbles, 13. blue morning glory {“e” is for “early”}, 14. blue morning glory {“e” is for “early”}, 15. Antique Globe, 16. dreamland, 17. M is for majestic, 18. Q is for Q, 19. DisfordragonfliesSM, 20. Untitled

As great as they are and as fun as this project has been, it is a LOT of work. Not only are some of our authors participating in the photo-taking, but they are rounding up the photos and create collages, writing the posts on deadline, and collecting prizes for each month to give away. There just hasn’t been enough participation to warrant us spending money and effort on keeping up with the prize give-away.

But we know that some of you aren’t finished with your alphabet. I still have 2 letters to go myself. And I might want to start over and do something else to give it a twist. I might turn this in to a weekly illustration project this year instead of just photos. That would be fun.

So this year, we’ll still have a day that we set aside for your A B See Photomeme pictures… but we are going to rethink the prize giveaway part of this adventure. For now we will just highlight photos that we love each month and we’ll create a “Featured on the Post” button for you to snag if you are picked.

You can still join those of us who are continuing the tradition – those still stuck on their alphabet photo journey. You don’t have to be a photographer. Take a picture representing any letter of the alphabet, post it on the Flickr group or tag it on Pixosphere. Turn this into a homeschool assignment for your older kids or do it with them. If you have a blog, please use our graphic (in our sidebar). All ages are welcome.

So keep clicking those cameras and taking great pictures with your kids. Keep passing on the photographic passion!

Our flickr and Pixosphere “groups” are still open for all who want to continue with the fun (like I am). As we say goodbye to this version of the A B See, may we be able to keep enjoying the passion behind it and keep it going as a personal endeavor for 2012 – and let our PRIZE be our increasing photographic talent!


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  1. Talk about goals for 2012! I’m sitting here with goals for my family blog, and getting my flickr act together to post to the photo meme is right here on my goal list!

    FTR I wasn’t interested in the prizes anyway, just the mental and creative workout. I’ve had the button on my blog all year, but didn’t always get a photo posted because I was fuzzy on the monthly deadline.

    So I like your plan of keeping it going – It’s a really fun photography prompt!

  2. I’m perfectly happy to keep it going just as a meme – I didn’t do it for the prizes either! I’m a VERY amateur photographer, so for me it has been a reminder to regularly download the photos from my camera 😉 as well as a nudge to think more visually if that makes sense.

  3. I actually was participating too just because I enjoy taking and sharing photos. I had slacked off though because of a move and the holidays. I am going to try to start posting picts again. Guess I will start at the beginning again because I don’t remember where I left off.


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