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Relevant Edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling

Welcome! The Relevant Edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling is arrived!

{If you are new to ‘blog carnivals’, please read the link at the bottom of this post to find out more. This post has many links that take you off-site to other homeschool blogs where you can read their ‘showcased’ article submission. If you would like to submit an article for a future carnival or host the carnival on your site, please see the bottom section to find out how.}

Each carnival writer has the option to put their compilation to a ‘theme’ if they so choose. And around here, we like themes. A couple of months ago, many of our authors went to the Relevant conference… so we decided to share what we loved about Relevant (and blog conferences in general). Did you know that there were over 70 homeschooling moms in attendance at Relevant (out of 200 attendees)? Homeschool mom bloggers are our favorites!

First off, we want to start you off with a little video about the conference. See if you can count all the Homeschool Post authors you see (and all the homeschoolers). I’m in there with a sleeping baby on my shoulder for just a brief moment – sitting at a table, listening to a session speaker. Bonus points if you catch me!

The question? “What word describes Relevant?

All Is Grace from Relevant Conference on Vimeo.

When you travel out of state for a blog conference, often times, there are homeschool kids tagging along. Check out these nifty blog post entries that share about field trips taken on the road. Imagine all those games of “what state does that license plate come from” and “how many times can you find the alphabet in road signs” you could play if you drove through 9 states in 2 weeks.

Daze of Adventure
Make a Personalized Candy Bar at Hershey Chocolate World
“While the bar is cooling and hardening, and prepping for packaging, more difficult decisions have to be made. How in the world will you personalize your box??”

Back from Type-A Mom…Recap of the Trip
Her notes:
“We left Daddy, the jackalopes, and the Texas dust behind us and headed to Asheville.”

{The one above is 2 field trips — one to the North Carolina Arboretum and the Biltmore Estate.}


Sarah Mae homeschools… and that little dude belongs to Sprittibee. : photo by Sprittibee

And now begins the rest of the homeschool entries for this carnival… even though they are not probably on the same theme, nor do they have to come from a blogger who actually attended Relevant. We’ll break them up for you with the rest of our Relevant 2011 photos… and you can click over to see all their interesting latest and greatest best homeschool-related articles in between all the smiling faces from the Sheraton Hotel in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania this past October.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Homeschool Happymess: A Naturally Inspiring Approach to Education
Writing Assignment: Using Non-Chronological Sequencing to Heighten Suspense
“Happymess kids are perfecting their creative writing skills.”

Blah, Blah, Blog
Awesome Art History
“I guess you never know what a kid will be interested in until you toss out something new to them”


Dawn, Jenn, and Heather – all authors here and homeschool mamas. : photo by Sprittibee

. . . . . . . . . . .

The Thinking Mother
The Challenge for Homeschool Moms with Teen Boys
Discusses trying to give her teen boy room to grow while living the close lifestyle of homeschooling.

The Tiger Chronicle
DIY egg tempera
“…an attempt to understand more about art in the Middle Ages”

Jamerrill and baby Liam : photo by Sprittibee

{OK, so he might not remember his trip to Relevant. He’s a little young yet. Click here to read about his adventures there… he got to meet a fireman!}

. . . . . . . . . . .

Small World
Japan Lapbook
“Our lapbook on Japan, including links and resources.”

Teach Beside Me
Saturday Homeschool Support- Books to Read
“…books that have helped or influenced me.”

Speaker Shot – so many homeschoolers! Count the ones you know! : photo by Darcy

. . . . . . . . . . .

Everything Home with Carol
Scrabble Tiles for Homeschooling
Lots of ways to use Scrabble Tiles for homeschooling.

Family Centered Living
A Winter’s Afternoon
A virtual field trip to Concord Massachusetts.

Amy Bayliss of Cajun joie de vivre (she homeschools and looks great in purple) : photo by Darcy

. . . . . . . . . . .

Homeschool Online
Learning to Accept Having a Special Needs Child
“I know that God has a very special purpose for EACH of my children!”

Adventures in Mama-Land
Spelling Lessons with Explode the Code
“Isn’t it great when a curriculum you love grows to meet your kids’ changing needs???”

Smart Blog
11 Tips to Revise Effectively
Revision techniques to help you pass your exam.


Wait a second… is that Sally Clarkson?! : photo by Darcy

. . . . . . . . . . .

The Homeschool Co-op
Nature Connections: Inside & Out
Nature is one of my favourite topics and, enjoying it is one of our favourite activities.”

Home School Dad
100 Books
Give a child a chart and watch him aspire to reach a 100-book reading goal!

Diamond Grove
Balancing the HOME in Homeschool
Instead of asking, “So, how does one do it all?”,  she asks, “What should I be doing and why?”


Besides field trips, there are even snow days at conferences! Check out Jenn and Maggie : photo by Darcy

. . . . . . . . . . .

Harmony Art Mom
The Myth of Accomplishing It All: Homeschool Moms and Online Time
“Writing from my heart about trying to accomplish it all as a homeschooling blogging mom.”

Corn and Oil
“One of the benefits of homeschooling is not contending with school bullying.”

Tea Time with Annie Kate
NaNoWriMo and Other Writing Inspiration
“A writing community can make a huge difference.”


Flat Kelly had some adventures there, and Myra just doesn’t know she’s homeschooling yet! : photo by Sprittibee

. . . . . . . . . . .

Team Gray!
You Know the Drill
I must have faith that establishing routines and habits will serve the children in the long run, whether they play the piano, or compute math sums, run a household, write computer programs, or whatever.”

Home School Vs. Public School
The Power of Laughter
“Get creative with your laugh causing ability and you will find that all of your days go better!”

Delivering Grace
Our Day: What Works for Us
Other home educators’ days always interest me and I’ve picked up so many ideas from other people.”

Miss Maggie Hogan

Maggie Hogan of Bright Ideas Press and Mama Kautz – Homeschool Divas! : photo by MamaKautz

. . . . . . . . . . .

Parent at the Helm
Would You Sit By and Let Your Children Slowly Starve to Death?
“Just as a starving body begins to heal when it receives the proper nourishment, so, too, do children’s minds and spirits heal when they receive the nourishment they need.”

Why Homeschool
Christmas Letters and Homeschooling in Progress
“Doing all this work focused on Christmas letter I’ve been struck by the progress we are seeing in our children.”

My Home Sweet Home Online
The Relevant Conference Edition
“Bloggers love getting together at conferences and bringing “flat” friends who couldn’t make it.”


Whatcha-wanna bet these ladies are homeschoolers? Wish I knew their names! : photo by Little Pink House

. . . . . . . . . . .

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Carnival of Homeschooling

If you participate in the carnival, we encourage you to use the carnival button and link back to the Cate’s blog. We honor their diligence at making the Carnival of Homeschooling a great success, and appreciate all of their support to the homeschool community.

Happy homeschooling!



Credits: All photos in this post are from the official Relevant flickr group. Click through to visit them directly.

Sprittibee (283 Posts)

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  1. So much fun to read the carnival with the photos from Relevant. Lots of great reading this afternoon.

  2. Wonderful Carnival! Relevant sounds like a great conference, and its neat that so many homeschooling moms go.

    After reading Barb’s submission about turning off the computer, I don’t dare go on to read the rest! LOL At least not right away. :)

    Annie Kate

  3. Love this post!!! Actually I do know I’m homeschooling! :) My hubs and I are both homeschooled (k-12) graduates and we plan on formally homeschooling our child/ren. I love teaching our 2yo and he’s just absorbing like a sponge!! :)

  4. oh, all of these pictures just made me smile! (some made me absolutely crack up!!)

    the one of lisa …. priceless!!!

  5. Oh how I miss Relevant! I needed a few more days!

    Thanks for pulling this all together! I now have a bajillion tabs open! *love*


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