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Math GamesI love games. I can’t think of any better way to spend time with my kids, have fun, and teach them something at the same time. Today I want to share my review of two math games: Mad Math/Fou Math and GAMSology.

Mad Math/Fou Math is a board game that has a grid of multiplication products on one side and addition sums on the other side. You can choose which version to use based on your child’s level. You roll the dice, then multiply (or add) the dice together and place one of your markers on the product (or sum) space. Your goal is to get three markers in a line on the board.

I like to get this game out once a week or so. My kids like to play once or twice, but then grow tired of it. It’s not filled with excitement, but it’s a quick game that offers a nice break while reinforcing math facts. Mad Math/Fou Math can be tough to find, but you can usually get it from the Amazon marketplace or on Ebay for a decent price.

GAMSology is a board game where you advance along the math road by answering flash-card questions. The objective is to be the first to get your statue to the end of the Math road. There is one game board, but you can choose from several sets of cards depending on your child’s ability. There are addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, solving equations, and more options in the works. The problems on the cards are challenging, and my kids often needed a pencil & paper to work them out. For example, it’s not your basic addition/subtraction – they incorporate large numbers and negative numbers. Their web site offers several game variations to make play more challenging and fun.

For more ideas and resources, see Dice Rolling Math Game and Math is Not a Four Letter Word.

What are some of your favorite math games?

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