Reading, Writing, and Saying Thanks!

One of the best parts of The Homeschool Blog Awards is all the great prizes donated by our sponsors. So here’s a quick and deep thanks to three of them. In fact, three of them that allow me to read, write, and say thanks!

Something great to read…

Are you pregnant? Are you ready to take charge of your own birth? Then the book Birthright by Betsy Dewey is a must have!

I read it and it gave me the power to have the birth I wanted – not my mom’s ideas, not my sister’s ideas, and even not my doctor’s ideas! I did it the way I knew I needed to do it.

And I did it with Betsy’s help!


Something great to write about…

Are you a writer? Would you like to be? This set of writing prompts from TNA Publising is perfect for all ages!


Looks pretty calm on the outside, right? But don’t let it fool you!

Not only is creativity helpful in writing, it’s the foundation of math. Yup – in order to see patterns, relationships and do math, you need to think with both sides of your brain.

So if you want to boost everything in your world by boosting your creativity, this is the way to go!


Something great to use to say thanks…

I’m a big fan of sending thank you notes. So I love great stationary. Shutterfly has this awesome way to create personalized greeting cards in small or large quantities!

You can create your very own custom thank you notes – or, since we’re knocking on Christmas’s door, how about create your Christmas cards with them?

Or both! Christmas cards, plus customized holiday thank you notes for your kids to thank everyone for the gifts!

What do you think?

Which of these are you hoping to win as a Homeschool Blog Awards winner? And which will you just jump up and buy now?

WE LOVE OUR SPONSORS (This is a list of our current 2011 prize awarders! Please visit them as a thank-you for their generous participation!)

365 Things to Write About Tiggy’s House
Bright Ideas Press Rosetta Stone Ltd.
Quaver Music Geography Matters Simply Fun
Math-U-See Applied Grammar
Family Time Fitness Trigger Memory System
Dayspring Cards Speekee TV
Homeschool Programming Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.
OneCup Connection NaturExplorers
Shelf Reliance thirty-one
Total Yearbooks Great Homeschool Conventions
Fundanoodle carolinapad
Mabel’s Labels 365 Things to Write About
The HomeScholar The Picture-Smart Bible
A Journey Through Learning Heart of Wisdom
(In)Courage by DaySpring Doorposts
Unit Studies Math Mammoth
Homeschool Creations
Visual Latin Whole Heart Ministries
2:1 Conference Chaos Simplified
Christi the Coupon Coach Founder’s Academy
Magicast Smart Kits Pixosphere
Seven Sisters Homeschool Helps See the Light Shine
Shutterfly Weekly Homeschool Planner
Birthright K5 Learning
Jordan Essentials The Auto Learner

A Word From Our Sponsors

An Elementary Writing Curriculum
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