Apple Print Craft

What do you get when you add one apple and red paint?   A fun fall craft!  I love doing this craft and this year my youngest did not remember the secret in the apple!

To set this up tell your child there is a hidden surprise inside the apple.  They can make guesses as to what they will find and then you cut the apple in half lengthwise.  Show them the star.  My little one was so excited to see it!

This next part you could do one of two ways.  You can place red paint {or other apple colored paint} on a plate and let your child dip the apple half into it or you can paint the apple with a brush.

My daughter wanted to dip but if you do that you’ll want to wipe a little of the paint off on the edge of the paint to get a good print.  Or just let them paint like that {which is what my daughter did}.  The first print will not be as good as the next couple, but they love the process of finding how to make the star show up best.

To extend this activity you can check out the book Apples, Apples, Apples by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.  The book includes some history on apples along with a recipe, a craft like the one I shared {although a little different}, and a fun song.

Enjoy the craft!  Share pictures of your child’s finished project – I’d love to see them!





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