Teaching Gracious Diplomacy in a Religiously Diverse Nation

America is one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world and thankfully our founding fathers wrote the freedom of religion into the Constitution. Because of this freedom, we have had the freedom to explore faith without the government forcing any one particular religion upon us. Most religions believe in respecting other people’s freedom to choose their own religious path, but often religious freedom can be a controversial topic. Public schools have flare ups about religious freedoms quite often and usually a private school is private due to its religious requirements. This generally means that their discussions in school revolve around their own religion.

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When I began homeschooling, I thought my family would have maximum freedom to explore our own spiritual path. While we do have the utmost freedom within our own home, when it comes to homeschool groups, conventions, and co-ops that freedom seems to diminish.

If we have to wear a mask in order to be accepted and cared for, then have we forfeited part of our freedom to the circle in order to obtain societal acceptance?

I have often wondered if I have isolated my children too much. Have I given my children the educational tools and experience necessary to be able to intelligently and graciously interact with the diversity of people in our community? For us, our walk of faith is not just about how they share their own faith, but also how they receive a person of another faith…or no faith at all. Do we, as parents, model this kind of interaction with others to our kids? Have we allowed ourselves and our families to be in a position to be around people of another faith so they can learn how to carry on an intelligent, educated, and gracious conversation?

As a homeschooler, how are you teaching your children to be diplomatic and gracious in this religiously diverse country?

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When Judgments Come


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You don’t have to homeschool for long before you’ll find yourself fielding questions and silly criticism. It goes hand in hand with going against the flow of society. What you’re doing is different.  Being different is good.

But it’s hard to feel judged.

Do you ever feel like others are assessing and judging your children because they’re homeschooled? I’ve even had family members become sudden educational experts and attempt to “diagnose” my children with various labels. My most recent funny incident was a dear lady who informed me that it really was “a shame” that one of my children, in particular, wasn’t in public school because “he’d be getting so much out of the gifted program.”

I tried not to choke on my  reply – this child’s entire life is a gifted program.  

And other children, oh, how many times has another kid heard that we homeschool and immediately thrown a math question at one of my children. My 11-year-old will be playing with some buddies, and a new kid will say “You homeschool? Well, what’s 2×2?”  What? Kid, you don’t know?

Please understand that the academic assessments, child training experts, and family members who suddenly seem to know your child’s needs better than you are a farce. In our early years of homeschooling, it was hard to have peace when I felt like questions and criticisms were beating down on us. Over time the Lord has quieted my spirit, and I’ve seen Him fight for our homeschool, family, and children.

Besides, now the questions are getting kinda funny.

When judgments come (and they will) remember:

  • You don’t need to answer to anyone for your homeschool, only to the One.
  • “Greater is He Who is in You, than he who is in the world.”
  • If you’re being judged, then you MUST be doing something RIGHT!
  • “No Weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against you in Judgement you shall condemn.”
You can read more about overcoming judgments of homeschooling here.

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