Teaching Gracious Diplomacy in a Religiously Diverse Nation

America is one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world and thankfully our founding fathers wrote the freedom of religion into the Constitution. Because of this freedom, we have had the freedom to explore faith without the government forcing any one particular … [Read more...]

We Love Our Sponsors


I have to say that I am SO excited to share a few more of our FANTABULOUS Sponsors with you today. I love being able to share the yummy goodness that I love with other homeschooling families. Firstly, I'm so excited for whom ever wins this wonderful prize from Whole Heart … [Read more...]

When Judgments Come

    You don't have to homeschool for long before you'll find yourself fielding questions and silly criticism. It goes hand in hand with going against the flow of society. What you're doing is different.  Being different is good. But it's hard to feel … [Read more...]