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The OCTOBER and NOVEMBER Homeschool Swap!

HSBA Post Swap

Some things with the SWAP are changing – so you might want to pay close attention to the fine print in this post.

This past swap was our biggest swap yet! We had nearly 60 swappers. We also had a few problems. So we got our thinking caps on and decided to make a few changes. Here’s the skinny:

1. We had 18 swappers that never returned their questions on the initial email. I am not sure why – but we don’t have the desire or the time to bug everyone on email, so we just let it go. If you are planning to swap, you might go in and make thehomeschoolpost at gmail dot com your friend so the spam catcher won’t send us to cyber-jail in your email client. When we don’t get enough swappers to reply and there’s an odd number (someone left without a partner), one of our authors usually fills in or drops out. You have a week to get your questions back to us on average, so please be prompt. We pair you on the order in which we get your replies. This way, God does the matching, not us. {We don’t believe in accidents!}

2. We had about 3 or 4 swappers this time that said that they never got a package. One was a mix up with the post office, but there are still some packages out there that haven’t been sent on this last swap and even older ones. We hate blacklisting wonderful ladies from participating, so PLEASE send your box or at least let one of us at the Post know you can’t – so we can try and get one in the mail for your swap sister. Don’t be afraid of contacting us to help you resolve the issue. We will email your partner and ask her if she forgot for you if you are too shy. We want to make sure everyone gets a box!

Here’s a bit of advice for those who don’t get a box by the deadline:

*Please email your swap partner and ask her if everything is ok. Sometimes it is as simple as her losing your information or forgetting!

*Please allow for late packages – because we all need a little grace. Email reminders won’t be looked down on, either. I know I can use an email reminder for just about EVERYTHING in my life. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Chances are, your swap sister is a great person (she’s homeschooling her kids, isn’t she? she reads the Post, right?) – send her an email!

*Please pray for your swap partner: sounds strange, but one of our swappers was late sending out her swap recently because she had lost her mom. You never know what might have happened that could have delayed your package.

*Don’t give up on swapping just because you have one unfavorable swap. It is very rare that packages don’t get sent – even though it is very common that they get mailed late.

3. Lots of people were late. I have no idea if it was the ‘back to school’ chaos that kept everyone from the Post Office, but it seems that almost all of the swappers were late this time. That’s why we are skipping September and pushing this swap out through November. This gives everyone nearly three months to get this round done.

4. You don’t have to email us your links any more. The final issue is a computer one – and sadly, can’t be fixed. My wonderful laptop gave me the blue screen of death yesterday when I was preparing the swap links you all had sent … and ate my text file. All those emails you sent with links to the posts on your blog where you displayed photos of what your swap sister sent are gone forever. So this time (and all future swaps) we will be hosting a swap post LINKY instead. With the amount of swappers we have now, this will save us time and it will be more colorful and fun, I think! I hope you’ll agree.

Have you ever joined the Homeschool Swap before? If you haven’t, you are missing out. Swapping a little gift in the mail once every two months with another homeschool mom is FUN – and a great way to get to know other homeschool blogging mamas. No blog necessary.

Are YOU interested in getting a groovy care-package in the mail (instead of bills)? Leave a comment below to let us know you want to participate. It’s ever so easy. Make sure to leave a valid email address. We’ll send you a questionnaire form and pair you with another swapper. When you get your gift, just take a picture of it and post about it on your blog. How easy is that?!

Be sure to put the dates below on your calendar and make sure you don’t forget them!

Here’s the schedule:

SIGN UP: By September 30th
PAIRED UP: By October 7th
MAIL SWAP: By October 28th
POST PHOTOS: By November 18th
NEXT SWAP: January!

We’re not doing another swap this year since the holidays fall so soon after this one is complete. We’re giving you two weeks to sign up for this one, though. Be sure to leave a comment on this post if you want to participate with a valid email address. Photograph your loot when it arrives and post a thank you on your blog. Come back here to include your blog link on our linky in January! Our next sign-up won’t be until JANUARY 2012. Mark your dates on your calendars! I know everyone is busy, but please try and not spoil the fun for your partner by dropping the ball.

Don’t know what a swap is? Click on the ‘Saturday Swap’ Category on our sidebar and see some of our past swaps. Our very first one was October 2007.

Important: Stumble, facebook and tweet this post (our twitter account is @hsbapost) to help gather up all the swap-loving homeschoolers you know!

We hope you’ll join in the fun! Spread the news and ask your homeschool friends to join.

Here are the basic rules for every swap:

1. Don’t offer to participate and sign up if you can’t get the gift in the mail on time (you have more than 2 months).
2. Don’t spend more than 15$ on your swap gift (not including postage). You will end up making your buddy feel like they didn’t give enough to you.
3. Get to know your swap buddy – email them! Pray for them! Send them a Bible verse! Email them! Etc.!
4. Do NOT share your swap buddies’ personal information (last names or addresses) with anyone else.
5. Make sure you post a photo and ‘Thank You’ for your swap sister – thanking her and linking to her blog.
6. Come back here and link up your swap post at the next swap sign-up.

Suggestion: Please make sure you take extra care when packaging your gifts if they are breakable or fragile. We have had swap gifts damaged by UPS or the Postal Service!

Who’s in for the next one???

~ This swap post is now CLOSED ~


Credits: PHOTO for GRAPHIC above by Maximum RABBIT Designs , GRAPHIC design by Sprittibee



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