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Welcome to the Tuesday Tour!  We’re taking you on a virtual stroll with us around our favorite places on the web.  Below you’ll find thought provoking articles, frugal tips, and some good ol’ silliness. Enjoy!


Motherhood is a Calling (Where do your children rank?)

This is a powerful article about the priorities and blessings of motherhood.


Food Dyes – Do They Cause Hyperactivity?

What do you think?


Be Your Own Family @ FIMBY

Encouragement that God created your family uniquely!


Planning Your Own Water Play Wall

A creative project that looks like cheap fun. If I was a better mother we’d do it.


Why I Homeschool @ The Pioneer Woman

Only read this if you want to laugh so hard that you’ll spit.  The End.


Nine Reasons NOT to Send Your Children to Public School

Go ahead, read it…you’ll be glad that you homeschool.  Print off a copy for your mother-in-law …self.


Reason Enough to Homeschool

Because everyone needs time to enjoy the world…


Family Mealtime Devotionals

From Focus on the Family


Income Earning Ideas via Money Saving Mom

Creative ideas to bring in more income.


Thanks for touring with us!

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