Thirsty, Anyone?

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Heat has taken on a whole new meaning for our family this summer. Until this year, we’ve always been Northerners. We were hoping our first Texas summer would be cool and mild.

Apparently that’s not going to happen.

You know it’s been an exceptionally hot season when you use the phrase, “Look, kids! It’s only 96 degrees!”

As I read the Bible to the children at breakfast this morning, these words caught our attention:

“O God, Thou art my God; I shall seek Thee earnestly;

My soul thirsts for Thee, My flesh yearns for Thee,

In a dry and weary land where there is no water.”

Psalm 63:1

Yikes. Talk about convicting.

As homeschoolers, most of us are in the middle of planning for the new school year, ordering curriculum, considering our options and filling out our planning books. Yet in the middle of our busyness, how often do we find ourselves thirsting for God’s Word like we do on a blazing hot, 110 degree day?

A dying man in the middle of the desert doesn’t suddenly find a cool oasis with a deep, blue pool of water and say, “Oh, I’m just too busy to take a drink right now!”

It should be the same in our lives – our thirst for God’s Word and seeking Him earnestly must take a number-one, dying-of-thirst place in our lives or we are not truly putting Him in first place.

More than anything, I want my children to remember that I set everything aside to put God first – as persistently as a thirsty child pounds on the door asking for a drink in the middle of summer.



Gwen and her husband are trying to stay cool in the middle of the hot Texas summer, along with their seven children – and one on the way! Learn more about their family and their ministry in Bible translation at Tolivers To Texas.

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