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Funny Bone Reader Give Away!

Red Chair Press Funny Bone Readers

My children and I are always on the look out for something good to read. I love it when I get the chance to review books that are all about turning out ‘good’ kids! Funny Bone Readers serve two purposes – good reading material and good character. Designed for kids ages 4-7, these silly stories focus on exciting ways to teach character development. The bright, colorful early reader books with fun illustrations were an instant hit with my kids (the big kids loved reading them to the little guy).

There are 12 books in the set that focus on the following character traits:
Citizenship (protecting the environment and obeying rules)

They forgot to add the character trait of NOT TEARING THE PAGES IN YOUR BOOKS to this list (since my Viking loves to tear books and color on the pages). I’m waiting for another set of them to come out – as “Patiently” as possible (hint, hint)!

You can see the entire collection at the Red Chair Press website.

In addition to the story books, a Red Chair Press also offers a Lesson Plans and Activities for School and Home book that has pre/post tests and certificates for your kids. It tells you (as the teacher) what each book is about and gives you ideas for questions to ask your kids so they can internalize the message in the book. They include additional learning activity suggestions, worksheets and internet links for additional fun.

Red Chair Press Funny Bone Readers

Take a look at these book titles that are sure to snag your child’s interest and bring laughs to reading time:
Fun in the Mud
The Best Birthday Gift
Lying Around
Let’s Bee Friends
Squid and Pickles
The Magic Words
Space Cat
Miss Moo Goes to the Beach
Helping Hands
Turbo Turtle to the Rescue
Silly Tilly and the Royal Rules
The Clean Team

How would you like a set of these books for your young readers?

We’re giving a set away!

Here’s how you can enter (each counts as 1 entry):

1) Mandatory before any other entries count: Visit the Red Chair Press website and click on the illustrator tab. Tell me which illustration style (name the illustrator) is your favorite!
2) Follow the Homeschool Post on twitter: @hsbapost (you must tell us what your twitter handle is or leave a url for the tweet)
3) Friend/Fan us on Facebook in the box on our sidebar.
4) Sub to our blog in Google Feed Reader or by Email.
5) Tweet about this contest:

The Homeschool Post (@hsbapost) is giving away a SET of children’s #books by Red Chair Press : http://bit.ly/g4c9wv

(you can tweet once a day for an extra entry and each entry must be in a separate comment with a url)

Limit 11 entries per person. Winner will be chosen at random (Random.org) from the comments on this post. Contest ends Sunday at NOON. That’s March 13th, folks… so hurry!


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  1. Cute! I like Hector Borlasca’s illustrations.

  2. LOVE the illustrator Hector Borlasca!! He has fun illustrations!

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  5. Subscribed via email!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

  6. Rachel B says:

    These look great, would love to add them to our home!

    I really like Fian Arroyo’s illustrations! I also liked you on FB…. Hope I win!

  7. Love Fian Arroyo!!

  8. I follow you on twitter! @jmpfourjoy

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  10. Love Debbie Palen!

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    I like Debbie Palen’s work!

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    I subscribed through email!

  16. I really like Dave Clegg’s style!

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  19. I subscribe via google reader

  20. Oh these look so awesome! My daughter would love these. We went to the website and she picked her favorite illustrator: Fian Arroyo :0)

  21. 2nd entry because we follow the email feed!

  22. 3rd entry because I follow on Facebook! I don’t have twitter so I can’t enter for either of those :0(

  23. Nathan Jarvis! Love the purple octopus!

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  26. I like Nathan Jarvis illustrations

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    bamagv at aol dot com

  31. Crystal W says:

    I liked Constanza Basaluzzo’s illustration if I had to pick, but really they are all great illustrations!

  32. I like the illustrator Mike Brownlow.

  33. I like Sachiko Yoshikawa’s illustrations.

  34. I subscribe to The HSBP.

  35. I like you on FB.

  36. I like the illustrations of Alessia Girasole

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  40. These books are so great! liked the illustrator Hector Borlasca

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  44. I think I like Ken Bowser’s style the best. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  46. I like Fian Arroyo’s illustrations.

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  49. Diane Greenseid, I think! Gosh it was hard to decide though!

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  55. Natalie M says:

    My favorite illustrator is Sachiko Yoshikawa.

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  57. I like Alessia Girasole.

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  60. I like Sachiko Yoshikawa’s illustrations.

  61. Steph Warden says:

    I loved them all but especially Debbie Palen !

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    My twitter handle is stephwarden

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    & I just tweeted :)

  64. I like all of the illustrations, but I think Fian Arroyo’s are my favorite. I would love to win these books for my daughters! Thank you.

  65. I subscribed to the blog via email.

  66. They’re all fantastic, but I think Mattia Cerato’s are extra cute! :-) I’ve never seen these books before but am really excited to check them out! Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity!!

  67. I all ready subscribe to the site in Google reader!

  68. Now following on Twitter as @littleraindrops

  69. Melissa Fox says:

    I could not decide between Nigel Buchanan,Constanza Basaluzzo, and Hector Borlasca

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    I followed on tweet- my handle is Tinkerfly81

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    I am a fan now on FB

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    I am now on your news feed

  73. I love these books and would love to win this! twitter@pirategrl1014 and also on my blog at http://pirategrl1014.blogspot.com/ oh and the last thing my favorite illustrator was John Abbott Nez

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  75. I like a lot of them but I’ll go with Nigel Buchanan as my favorite!

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  78. My favorite illustrators are Steve Cox and Sachiko Yoshikawa.

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    Great books! I like the Illustrations by Debbie Palen!

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    Jackie Stafford!

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    has a winner been decided yet?

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