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Remember the photo meme party we had last year here at The Homeschool Post? It was so much fun, we decided to start it again.

What’s different? This time we will have an A B See photo group on flickr where you can load your photos. This way, we can browse your pictures to pick our favorites each week and then display the top 5 on our site! We’ve also decided to add a monthly prize to one finalist – the first of which will be a really great photography book (at the end of July).

Here’s the original reason behind the meme:

Take the time to get to know your camera better (don’t we all wish we knew our cameras better?!?) while focusing in on the things you love or your eye finds the most interesting. From a bowl of apples to a trip to the zoo, these are the simple slices of life where we usually find the most pleasure.

Include your entire family in the fun! Ask them what they think of for specific letters and then go capture it! You could even get them in on the action and allow them to take their own photographs for the series. The angle from a child’s perspective is always refreshing and their photographs are a treasure. Build a book with them at the end of the series as a keepsake of your the shared project or surprise them by binding the collection as a sentimental present. Regardless how you share the experience, you’ll both be blessed with wonderful memories.

And if you are really crafty, you don’t have to do it in digital or film – you can even do it on paper and make it an art project instead – just scan or photograph your results! Flickr has some excellent ideas if you choose to go that route. Be prepared to be inspired!

Pass the word on! The more the merrier.

Here are the rules… be sure to read them when you join!

1. Post a photo on your own blog or on your flickr account for each letter of the alphabet of anything that starts with that letter.

2. Write a few short explanatory, quirky, or witty sentences about each photo you post.

3. Only post one photo per week (the meme can take as long as you want… and you don’t have to go in order). If you miss a week, simply jump back in the following week with whatever letter you did.

4. If you want to join the meme, join our flickr group and use the “A B See Photo-Meme” graphic in your post (and in your sidebar of your blog if you want). You can start now – add your first photo on the flickr group today!

5. Each week, we’ll select 5 of our favorite photos submitted to spotlight! Be sure to check out the weekly post!

6. Each top 5 photos for the week will move on to a monthly finalist round where we’ll pick a first prize winner and give away a cool prize.


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  1. I want to link up!!

  2. Fun! I’ll be joining in. BTW I found it amusing that 90% of the contributor photos in the sidebar have cameras in them.

  3. Sheri – Isn’t that funny!?!

  4. Can’t wait to get started!!!

  5. I added a photo from my Flickr stream, but it isn’t showing up in the pool.

  6. I’m joining – I left off blogging about a year ago and am trying to get back into it – hoping this will help me get started again!

  7. I just posted my first for this awesome and fun meme!! S is for Swan

  8. Sounds like a great time! It so nice to find a fun home school site.

  9. Robyn – I just found this and am so excited. Do I need to load up from A – K or can I just start with L? I am not sure how to start out. I joined the flickr site to load them up. Any advice on how to start would be great thanks so much!

  10. What letter are we on now? Love this idea!

  11. Shalom! I would like to link up too!

  12. Late start, but I’m in.

  13. So I see it’s been almost a year exactly since this was started…I saw it on someone’s blog though. Is it still going or are there just some finishing up and it’s actually over? It sounds fun! :)

  14. Well, I found the answer to my question – I saw a newer post that says it’s still going! I’m jumping in! This sounds like a lot of fun! :)


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