Tuesday Tour: Mayfield Dairy

What we learned on our field trip to Mayfield Dairy in Braselton ,GA:

  • Mayfield was the first dairy farm to make and fill their own jugs
  • They fill 250,000-300,000 jugs of milk and juice a day
  • They use the opaque yellow jug to reflect and block out light to protect the flavor and nutrients
  • Their fastest machine fills pints at the rate of 350 a minute
  • Each farmer who sells their milk to Mayfield signs a pledge that their milk was naturally produced with no growth hormones or artificial stimulants used

We love to go on field trips.  We shoot for one a month.   Sometimes it’s hard, though, because it can get expensive.  So we look for deals, group rates, and freebies.   The Mayfield tour was free (well, except for the ice-cream we bought afterward, because really, how can you not splurge on that?)

How about you?  What kind of field trips did you take this year or recently?  Where there any that really stood out?

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  1. We travel with my husband’s job so at times it seems as if our life is a field trip! We don’t get to pick where we go, but we always make the most of it and enjoy learning about the local history- wherever we happen to be. I have a weekly Field Trip Friday meme on my blog where I highlight some of the trips we’ve been on. Lately we’ve visited two botanical gardens and an art gallery. Our favorite trip of the year would have to have been to the Alamo. Someplace we’ve dreamed of visiting for years!

  2. Okay… who wrote this post? 😉 We’ve been to the Mayfield Dairy in Tennessee, but not the one in Georgia. :)

  3. We recently had a visiting preacher from Georgia, and he spoke of his love for Mayfield chocolate milk. Must be some good stuff! :)

  4. OH WOW I had no idea there was a Mayfield Dairy here! I LOVE field trips too :)

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