Foto Friday: Vader Gets Schooled

Welcome back to another edition Foto Friday. The time when all you nice folks get to be subjected to the crazy goings-on of homeschool life in Gremlinville.

Last time, I asked very nicely for some fun shots from the homeschool masses or anyone who happened upon my post, and sadly I didn’t receive any. But that’s ok. I’ll just take that as your nod to go right ahead and give you yet another peek at some things I find interesting about being with my gremlins 24/7.

We do a lot of Unit Studies. Since I’m not much of a planner beyond requesting six bags of books from the library and forcing my husband to bring them home after work, I’m always surprised at how things just seem to come together on their own. One subject will connect with another without any help from me. I’ve read it’s just a consequence of home learning.

So imagine my surprise when we had a timely visitor during our study on space.

I love Star Wars. And so do my boys. Naturally. It’s really too bad my third born son, Jackelope wasn’t here to meet the legend that is Darth Vader. When he showed up that morning, here in Kansas of all places, I knew we’d likely never forget all the things we learned about space.

My girl, Zoe sat down with him, to share an easy reader about planets.

Apparently, Vader disagreed with some of the author’s facts on Pluto not being a planet. We all know of Darth Vader’s legendary temper, and he started to use The Force to remedy the situation in a way he deemed best. Zoe wasn’t impressed. Nor was she going to put up with his shenanigans. She put him in his place.

In the end, he calmed himself down and listened to the rest of the book. It was mostly stuff he already knew, but since he’s not from our galaxy he did learn a few things.

darth vader

Things like, you don’t mess with a girl who takes the time out of her busy schedule to read you a book. Just remember Darth, humility and patience are more important than using the force to throw your older brother off the trampoline. And if you want Zoe to finish that book, you’ll likely have to nix the heavy breathing.

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