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16 Advent Calendars for every budget at hsbapost.com

16 Fun Advent Calendar Ideas for Any Budget

  Does your family love counting down the days until Christmas? A great way to celebrate this time of year is with an Advent calendar. Advent calendars started in 19th century Germany as a way for families to count down the days in … [Read More...]

Description of 5 different apps that can help you organize your home and homeschool at hsbapost.com

Useful Apps for Homeschooling Parents

  Homeschooling isn’t an easy task and any help that you can get in whatever form can be useful. Apps can help to get you informed on the topics that your child needs to know and can assist in making the learning process much more fun for … [Read More...]

The Best Homeschool Black Friday to Cyber Monday deals at hsbapost.com. Organized by category. Books, curriculum, Bible, art, etc.

The Best Homeschool Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deals

  It's time for the second annual best Black Friday to Cyber Monday deals for homeschoolers here at The Homeschool Post! I hope you enjoyed a restful Thanksgiving with your families and you're ready to find the best deals for your homeschool … [Read More...]

Part 4 in a series on homeschooling philosophy at hsbapost.com

Homeschooling Philosophy and ‘isms

Part IV on Towards a Homeschooling Philosophy {see the other posts in this series} This is a short post to give a little break from the different philosophies. Next time read about some prevalent philosophies in the Western educational world … [Read More...]

12 Gifts that Promote Creative Learning ~ puzzles, blocks, art, and more on this educational Christmas wishlist! hsbapost.com

12 Gifts that Promote Creative Learning

  My youngest daughter (6) is going through a puzzle phase right now. She works through more challenging ones all the time, building up her confidence and ability. I like to encourage the skills she learns through puzzles -- everything from … [Read More...]

5 Ways to Recharge your Homeschool when you Hit a Slump ~ hsbapost.com

5 Ways To Recharge Your Homeschool

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that we were excited about starting a shiny new school year with all our shiny new curriculum? We all had lots of motivation, and were sure this was going to be the best homeschool year EVAH! Now here we are, just … [Read More...]

Homeschool Blog and Tell at The Homeschool Post

Homeschool Blog and Tell #HSBAT November 2015

  This month we're focusing on recharging during a homeschool slump or re-evaluating curriculum that just isn't working. What do you do when this happens in your homeschool? Have you written a blog post about it? We want to read it! This … [Read More...]

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