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thanksgiving pies

Thanksgiving Writing Activities and Prompts

  Just because it's the week of Thanksgiving doesn't mean you can't incorporate a few fun writing activities and prompts into your homeschool days. Even if you traditionally take time off from formal schooling, you can still find engaging … [Read More...]

A Cornucopia of Homeschool Blogs @hsbapost

The Cornucopia of Homeschool Blogs

  I am profoundly grateful that blogs came about when they did. You see it was writing a blog that not only reignited my own stalled education....but also blogging that led me to discovering homeschooling in the first … [Read More...]

#Homeschool Blog and Tell #hsbat

Homeschool Blog and Tell #HSBAT: Homeschool Blogging

  The November Homeschool Blog and Tell is brought to you by Usborne Books and More at Kids Love Usborne Books. They are planning a huge Book Friday sale with up to 60% off for Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  Now would be a great time to … [Read More...]

5 Reasons to Write a #Homeschool Blog @hsbapost

5 Reasons You Should Write a Homeschool Blog

Since you’re reading here, you already know the purpose behind homeschool blogs.  They can entertain, inform, encourage, and inspire.  We’re glad you stop by The Homeschool Post for a healthy dose of all of those things. But why should you … [Read More...]

4 Resources for Organizing your Blogging Life @hsbapost

Four Resources to Help You Organize Your Blogging Life

Every blogger needs a little inspiration from time to time, as well as practical ideas for keeping their thoughts organized! I've seen some great blogging organization and inspiration articles this month, and today I want to share some of my own … [Read More...]

homeschool blogger

Why Become a Homeschool Blogger?

  There are tons, I mean TONS of homeschool bloggers out there. Because there are so many homeschool bloggers it can be hard to break apart and be different from the rest. The difference in our blogs typically lie in why we become … [Read More...]

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