Reinforce Math, Science, and Reading Skills with Rock ‘N Learn DVDs

Use these fun Rock 'N Learn DVDs to supplement and reinforce reading, math, & science skills in your homeschool!

  Do you have a visual learner in your family? What about a student who needs a little extra help with math, reading, or science? Have you considered using educational DVDs from Rock 'N Learn to supplement your homeschool studies? One of my daughters learned her addition … [Read more...]

Experience Astronomy in Your Homeschool

6 Reasons to Experience Astronomy in your Homeschool, plus a coupon code to save 15% off the online course!

  Did you see the recent Perseid meteor shower? Did your kids manage to stay awake late enough to enjoy it, too? Looking up at the sky with wonder is something we tend to take for granted, but it's a great learning experience and can create family memories … [Read more...]