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Do you work while homeschooling? Here are some encouraging tips to help!

Making it Work — Homeschool and Work

  Many families include two incomes: Dad's and Mom's. In the ever increasingly expensive world that we live in, it is sometimes unavoidable. There are also couples that decide that they just like to have both parents work. But how does this … [Read More...]

Are you homeschooling a future entrepreneur? Check out these must-have resources for ideas.

Homeschooling Entrepreneurs

  We all know that homeschoolers are "out of the box" thinkers. It's just a part of choosing a path other than traditional public school. What is becoming more clear in current trends is that the individualist thinking we need for … [Read More...]

Stop by and link up at the Homeschool Blog and Tell at The Homeschool Post

Homeschool Blog and Tell #HSBAT May 2016

  Our topic this month is working while homeschooling, whether from home or outside the home. Do you have a home-based business? Maybe you have a traditional part-time or full-time job or you're a single mom homeschooling. What are the … [Read More...]

A Closer Look at Handwriting and Copywork in your homeschool with a comparison of resources available in the Build Your Bundle sale.

A Closer Look at Handwriting and Copywork

  Guest post by Gale of Imaginative Homeschool.   Copywork can help kids practice correct spelling and letter formation while getting exposed to great quotes and useful information. Precisely for these reasons, I'm picky about the … [Read More...]

What happens when the kids are older or have flown the nest? Here are suggestions for living a well-rounded life as a homeschool mom.

Building The Homeschool Mom Resume

        We've been talking about homeschooling while working here on The Homeschool Post this month, and for me it's a timely topic. You see, I'm only going to have one student next year, and that student is in … [Read More...]

Want to add some frugal Charlotte Mason inspired learning to your homeschool? Check out these great ideas!

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling on a Budget

  If you love the process and methods of Charlotte Mason but shrink away from the expense, I have great news for you -- it is possible to use Charlotte Mason in your homeschool on a budget! I have gathered some of my favorite tips and … [Read More...]

10 practical tips to keep your digital homeschool curriculum organized so you can get the best use of it!

10 Tips for Organizing Digital Homeschool Curriculum

  We're living in a digital age so it only makes sense that homeschooling resources are available digitally as well. Whether it's a site like Khan Academy or Time4Learning or downloadable digital curriculum, it can help simplify things in … [Read More...]

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